Barracuda News is a news portal about sailing and for people who cannot live without it.

Barracuda News is a project of Barracuda Communication, which was founded in 2015. During it’s one and a half year existence, Barracuda Communication has covered over 30 projects all around the world in Italy, Monaco, Russia, France, Japan, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates among others. The idea of a sailing news website came up in summer of 2016 when our company became an official media partner of one of the major regattas in Europe, the Melges 20 World Championship. We wanted to create a source where people would find all the information they need about the sailing world.

We write about the most interesting, recent and inspiring news about regattas, sailors, and yachts. Almost all content on our website is unique: our photo, video, news, and interviews.

Only on Barracuda News you can find our unique 3D tracking tool Regattascope. With it you can both follow the races live as they are happening and replay the events.

We'd also like to point you towards our Fish Production, where you will find funny, awkward and otherwise hilarious stories about sailing!

Our team is dedicated to sailing and we truly love what we are doing. Sailing is not just our work, it is our life, so we believe that phrase “our job is the best job in the world” is about us!