2016 Melges 32 World Championship is over and we know the winner!

After 10 races, held in Newport, RI (USA) the Melges 32 World Champion was revealed. Ryan DeVos’ Volpe with tactician Mark Mendelblatt, and crew members Mike Hill, Peter Kinney, Scott Nixon, Erika Reineke, Sam Rogers and Drew Weirda are the 2016 Melges 32 World Champions!

“We have competed in four World Championships and it feels so good to finally pull one off,” said DeVos just after racing. “Going into today we had a nice cushion, but we knew, especially in this fleet, it’s never over until it’s over. We knew we needed to go out and sail our very best. When I think about the fact that we are racing against some of the best sailing teams in the world, it makes today’s victory even more rewarding.”

In a dramatic last day of competition, two final races were completed with DeVos’ cool, calm and very collected efforts winning him the prestigious overall trophy. In what seemed like a last ditch effort to defend his World title, Alessandro Rombelli’s STIG with Terry Hutchinson serving as tactician, hammered out a 4-1 scoreline to finish second overall, bumping Jason Carroll on Argo to finish out the podium in third.

“We knew defending back-to-back World Championship titles would be a big challenge,” commented Rombelli. “It was our first time sailing in Newport. Apart from the weather, the sailing has been incredible.”

Andrea Lacorte’s Vitamina finished second in Race Nine which enabled him to close the event in the top five, while Morgan Kiss and the ‘kids’ on Hydra further secured their top Corinthian position with a third place finish.

Runner-up Chris Wientjes and his Stormvogel team can’t say they didn’t give it their all. The 2016 Melges 32 U.S. National Champions rallied through the first half of the event in stride, but then lost their grip as the Hydra Team warmed up and took home the trophy during the final two days of competition.

Top 5 overall results (After Ten Races)

  1. Ryan DeVos/Mark Mendelblatt, Volpe; 2-7-1-1-6-1-[9]-1-6-6 = 31
  2. Alessandro Rombelli/Terry Hutchinson, STIG; 4-2-6-[7]-7-3-7-3-4-1 = 37
  3. Jason Carroll/Cameron Appleton, Argo Team; 1-6-5-5-4-6-2-8-1-[10] = 38
  4. Andrea LaCorte/Gabriele Benussi, Vitamina; 6-4-[12]-4-5-10-1-4-2-5 = 41
  5. Rick DeVos/Jonathan McKee, Delta; [9]-5-3-3-3-4-3-5-8-8 = 42

Full Corinthian results (After Eight Races)

  1. Morgan Kiss, Hydra = 79 pts.
  2. Chris Wientjes, Stormvogel = 87 pts.
  3. Jeremy Alexis, Lucy = 122 pts.

All results you can find here.
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2016 Melges 32 World Championship is over and we know the winner!