Barracuda Communication: we are competing for the Mirabaund Yacht Racing Image Award!

The Mirabaund Yacht Racing Image award has existed since 2010, and during the past 6 years it has become a worldwide championship among the best sailing photographers. Hundreds of professional photographers look through their pictures of the past sailing year, and choose the very best ones to be presented to the judges.

Through the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award, every year more and more people are getting to know the best sailing photographers around the world. In 2015 alone, the nominees’ pictures had over 1 million views! It can hardly get any bigger than that.

Marina Semenova, the official photographer of Barracuda Communication, gathered views herself in 2015, with a picture of Gvido Miani’s yacht in the Melges 20 class. Last year she was placed 7th and this year she is preparing another extraordinary shot.

Mirabaud has 3 prizes this year: one picture is chosen by an international jury, another one is the choice of delegates who are attending the Yacht Racing Forum 2016 (where the Award show is being held). The last one is the Public Award, which is selected by voting on Facebook.

The selection process has several steps. Firstly, three world class sailing photographers will pre-select the top 80 pictures. Then, the International Jury consisting of Andy Hunt (World Sailing CEO, UK), Keith Taylor (marine writer, editor and marine publicist, NZL), Antonio Palma (CEO, Mirabaud & Cie SA, SUI), Anna-Lena Elled (yachting journalist and picture editor, SWE), and Ian Walker (pro sailor, UK) will select the World’s Best Yacht Racing Photograph of the year.

Anyone who is mesmerized by sailing and racing photography will be able to vote on the official website and Facebook page of Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image. The Award giving ceremony will be held during Yacht Racing Forum on Malta on the 29th of November 2016.

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