Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Act 2

PIRogovo’s leading position of the Winter Series is unwavering!

Act 2 of the fourth season of the Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series was held in the Yacht Club of Monaco on November 11-13. The fleet almost doubled since the first regatta of winter season 2016/2017: the number of boats grew from 13 to 22, of which 14 was sailing under Russian flag and 2 more with Russian helms.

The first regatta of the season was more of an exploratory one; the second is a proper battle. However, the weather interfered a lot with the results. Friday the wind was up to 35 knots, and fleet was waiting for it to calm down a little. When it finally happened and yachts started moving to the race area, the wind died down and the results of this race were quite unpredictable. Nevertheless racing committee was able to hold 3 more races with weak and shifty winds on Saturday and Sunday.

Not everyone was as lucky as they needed to be in order to show best results. In the end there are 4 winners in 4 races: Alexander Mikhaylik (Alex Team), Leonid Altukhov (Pirogovo Evolution), Alexander Novoselov (Victor), Alexander Ezhkov (PIRogovo).

After two racing days (and 3 races) the first positions in the overall rankings were quite tightly packed: there were only few points between Oleg Evdokimenko’s Kotyara, Valentin Zavadnikov’s Synergy and Leonid Altukhov’s Pirogovo Evolution. Approximately 10 more teams were trying to get into top 3 places, especially since there could have been 4 races held on Sunday.

However Sunday the racing committee could give only one start. After spending hours of waiting for the wind, everyone almost lost their hope for competing, but the final race of Act 2 took place. And these results influenced a lot in the final protocol. Oleg Evdokimenko went down in the overall rankings to 5th position, Altukhov to 8th, but Zavadnikov snatched the overall victory!

The winner of Act 1, Alexander Ezhkov’s PIRogovo, won the last race of Act 2 and that allowed them to rise to the 4th position in the overall standings. The 4th position is sometimes considered as the most hurtful, but Alexander Ezhkov doesn’t think so: "First of all – to be placed fourth in such fleet is not that bad! The number of competing teams is growing, their skills improving. In the end, everyone who is in top 10 can compete for the win. So I cannot say that our performance was disappointing. The weather was quite treacherous: with changeable and shifty winds. Unfortunately, we did not take good guesses with sides in the beginning of regatta.

Are you ready for Beluga Cup?

To tell you the truth, we prepare for all races the same way. Of course we are planning to participate and fight in December!"

PIRogovo indeed has something to fight for. Regardless of the 4th place on Act 2 this team keeps being in the lead in the overall standings of the Winter Series. This ‘safety pillow’ of six first places, earned in October, secures a good summary after two Acts.

But it should not be forgotten that their rivals are powerful…

The next gathering of Melges 20 fleet will be held in Monaco from December 9th till December 11th. It will be the most favorite regatta of the Winter Series, Beluga Cup, with New Years mood and Beluga Party!