Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Act 2 Day 1

On November 11th Act 2 of the Melges 20 Winter Series started.

This time we can actually feel that the Winter Series has become more popular: the fleet grew from 13 boats to 23 since Act 1. Not everyone was prepared to start the season in October, but now, in mid-November, the majority of the fleet has finally arrived in Monaco. However, we can’t say that the first regatta suffered from the lack of ‘heavy artillery’, of strong and traditionally winning teams. There were sufficient experienced and skilled crews to make for an explosive regatta, though still not as many participating teams as usual at the Winter Series. This month all but one of the Melges 20 fans gathered in Monaco. Great absentee is Igor Rytov, who has decided to spend his winter in Moscow.

Act 2 is not simply a warm-up anymore; the true competition has officially started! Unfortunately, only one round could be finished this day, because of interfering outside forces which majorly messed with the results.

In the morning, the weather was amazing with a clear sky and sunshine. Only the wind was a bit of an inconvenience - there was just too much of it. The tackle was moaning; flags were trembling and sailors were ashore. The moment wind calmed down to 20-25 knots, the fleet left the harbor immediately, though only for one race. The wind died down immediately after that, as if a magic spell was used. Not everyone was prepared to fight that kind of magic…

The winner of this single race is Alexander Mikhaylik’s Alex Team. Runners up are Oleg Evdokimenko’s Kotyara and Marina Kaverzina’s Marussia. Right behind the Marussia are Vladimir Prosikhin, Pavel Grachev, Leonid Altukhov, and Evgelina Semykina. However, the dead wind did not leave any opportunities for strong contenders to win the day: Alexander Novoselov, Alexandr Ezhkov, Yury Morozov are most likely unpleased with their results…

The weather conditions were obviously a force majeure; however, saying that the leaders were incidental would be incorrect. Mikhaylik has showed us many times that he is ready to win, and so did the veteran of Melges 20, Oleg Evdokimenko. Although Marina Kaverzina is only a novice, she successfully reaches the top of the list increasingly often.

Ultimately, it’s all fair and square, and one of the golden rules of yacht racing is applicable: “the winner in the one who makes the least mistakes”. Tomorrow the battle for the prizes of the second Act of the Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series will continue. We cannot wait to see who will be winning this time!

Results you can see here.
You can see the 3D footage of the race here .