Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Act 2 Day 2

Kotyara is in the lead and Synergy is right behind it!

The second day started similarly as the previous one, with the fleet waiting ashore. The reason was, however, quite the opposite: Friday everyone was wishing that the wind would calm down, Saturday they wished for it to get stronger.

Well, they got what they desired! Two races were held, both were very chaotic, complicated, and with weak, shifting winds.

Leonid Altukhov’s PIRogovo Evolution won the first race, and it was the first victory for them in the Melges 20 class. Congratulations! Alexander Novoselov’s Victor won the second race, though this result was to be expected from this team, judging by their results at Act 1 of the Winter Series 2016/2017.

Three races were held, and there were three different winners. The irony is though, that neither first nor second place in the overall standings was taken by a new team; the leaders are the ‘regulars’. It might seem shocking, but even with these unpredictable wind conditions there are teams performing steadily.

Oleg Evdokimenko’s Kotyara is leading the overall rankings now, with 2nd, 4th and 3rd places in the races. The mastermind behind the Winter Series in Monaco, Valentin Zavadnikov, and his Synergy is placed second with 5th, 3rd and 2nd places. They are lagging behind Kotyara by only one point! Leonid Altukhov is in 3rd place: they have their most treasured race victory, as well as a 7th place and a 6th places.

Saturday’s races helped Alexander Ezhkov’s PIRogovo significantly. This team was placed 6th and 4th during the second day of the competition, and 10th during the first. That allowed them to rise to 6th place in the overall rankings.

Everything about Act 2 of the Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series will be decided tomorrow. What to expect?

According to the regulations, a maximum of 9 races can be held during the regatta. However, the limit is 3 races per day, unless the entire program is behind schedule. In that case it is possible to hold 4 races. There is only one restriction for Sunday: the last race should start not later than 15.00.

Judging by the small gaps between the rivals, at least one third of the entire fleet can be marked as potential winners.

By the way, Vladimir Prosikhin’s Nika is placed 8th, and we can expect quite high results from them

In the end nothing is decided yet on the second Act of the Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series, we are waiting for the outcome!

Results you can see here.
You can see the 3D footage of the race here .