Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Act 4 Day 2

Racing "starvation" is over on Pirogovo Cup!

The fourth Act of the Melges 20 Winter Series, Pirogovo Cup, finally started.

Strong winds, which tormented the waters on Friday, calmed down on Saturday. There was still a little bit of waiting, but this time off shore, and that gave everyone more hope. In the end of the day, judges held three fast and unpredictable races, in best traditions of winter Monaco.

Three teams celebrated victories that day: Vadim Yakhinson’s Leviathan, Vladimir Prosikhin’s Nika and PIRogovo.

Firstly, let’s talk about Leviathan. This team was aiming for the win in the Melges 20 Winter Series for a long time; they fought hard and deserved it. We are more than happy to congratulate them. However, after that things turned around and Leviathan was extremely unlucky in two remaining races. Second race of the day – OCS, third race – 12th position. They will have to work super hard on Sunday to get themselves back on track.

"Actually we had an amazing day today," says helmsman Vadim Yakhinson, "The weather was perfect for us, everything just was at a perfect place, the team worked very well. I guess it is all the result of training. Our tactician, Mikhail Sheremetyev, achieved his goal; he found the best approach to us and motivates us really well!"

Maria Kaverzina’s Marussia has same ups and downs. Their races started with disqualification, continued with 10th position and the last race they finished second. Let’s wish stability to her tomorrow!

Today's victory for Nika is the second victory this season, and it’s amazing that Vladimir Prosikhin, such a strong skipper, is in the top again.

PIRogovo continue to perform amazingly well! The crew of Alexander Ezhkov, Daniil Odintsov and Alexander Ekimov won 9 out of 16 races during all Acts of the Winter Series. And they stayed strong on the Pirogovo Cup even without their helmsman. This replacement of Alexander with Yuri Morozov, whose team Russotrans is not participating in this regatta, did not influence on teams mood: two second places and one first marks them firmly as leaders of the overall rankings.

“We are very happy with our new helmsman, Yuri Morozov”, says Daniil Odintsov, teams tactician, “He is well prepared, confident and helms the boat well. Of course we had to work out some difficulties, get used to each other, but after that we races perfectly. I think he was comfortable with us as well. But as always the weather in Monaco is quite tough with a lot of wind sometimes and no wind at others, it’s shifting a lot as well."

Third place in the results of the day was given to Anna, helmed by Melges 20 debutante from Ukraine, Yulia Kyrpa. Aboard this yacht is the team with Ukrainian roots: Evgeniy Braslavec, Igor Matvienko and Maria Osnas. Within one day Anna raised in the rankings on 7th, 5th and 3rd position.

“This boat is very interesting, dynamic, need a careful touch. It has amazing speed when going downwind! I’m excited to be at the helm on it”, Yulia shared her impression of the yacht, “For me this experience is quite new, I’m mostly sailing SB20 recently. But I can see that for sailing Melges 20 you need to be a professional, it won’t forgive you some mistakes that other boats might. This new boat takes some time to getting used to, feel the right trajectory, angles, reaction to the helms actions. Therefore I’m not driving this boat ideally. The crew, of course, compensates my mistakes, but not everything. I know I need to work hard on my skills. The fleet on this regatta is strong, and it’s indeed interesting to compete with them”

Anna’s closest rival is Alexander Novoselov’s Victor, who is behind by 2 points. In general, Novoselov has a very good season, all regattas he ended up on the podium.

The fleet of the Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series is expecting an early start on Sunday, judges will do their best to hold all four possible races.