Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Day 1

The fourth season of the Melges 20 Winter Series started today, October 7th, in the Yacht Club of Monaco. 

The participating teams of Act 1, the Jefferson Capital Cup, are from France, Italy, Monaco, Poland and Russia. Naturally, as per usual the major part of the fleet is Russian.

Three races were planned for the first day of the regatta, but due to the light wind, only one took place. However, the race was incredibly intense and as eventful as three races combined.Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Day 1

© Barracuda Communication/ Marina Semenova

It was almost impossible to predict the winner; there were several leading teams. PIRogovo (Alexander Ezhkov), Pirogovo Evolution (Leonid Altukhov), Alex Team (Alexander Mikhaylik), Victor (Alexander Novoselov), Nika (Vladmir Prosikhin), and Leviathan (Vadim Yakhinson): all of them were leaders of the fleet at some point. And so was the team of Pavel Grachev, who had their debut today!

The winner of the Winter Series 2015/2016, Alexandr Ezhkov, had very mixed success, and so did Prosikhin and Yakhinson. They all have been in both the very bottom of the rankings and at the top throughout the race. The shifting winds played their part today as well. The top three teams were PIRogovo, Leviathan and Nika. 

The season has started, and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s continuation of this battle. 

The races start at 11.00 am (CEST). There are three or four races planned for the day.

Results you can see here.
You can see the 3D footage of the race here .