Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series: Day 3

Overtaking PIRogovo is simply impossible!

The first regatta of the Melges 20 Winter Series, Jefferson Capital Cup, ended today. Three days, eight races and the winner is PIRogovo of Alexander Ezhkov, Daniil Odintsov and Alexander Ekimov.

This crew from Moscow yacht club claimed their victory already during the first day. In very difficult wind conditions they won the starting race of the season. On the second day they only strengthened their positions by having 3 victories in a row. With such results this team did not think of anything else except leading in the competition.

In the beginning of the last day the main rival of PIRogovo was Alexander Novoselov’s Victor with only 3 points behind them. It was possible to recoup during 3 races, planned on Sunday. Novoselov performed quite well and he was placed second on all three races.

During the last day Ezhkov got the same amount of points, 2 victories and a 4th position, which is hard to compete with on the Jefferson Capital Cup. After the worst result was released (12th position) PIRogovo has 10 points in 8 races.

Alexander Novoselov, who demonstrated very stable and neat performance on this regatta, is placed second with 18 points.

There were additional indicators which helped in deciding the fate of the 3rd position. Vladmir Prosikhin’s Nika and Alexander Mikhaylik’s Alex Team has 37 points each. However Nika won one race on Sunday and Alex Team did not have such a trump. Therefore Vladmir Prosikhin is placed third on the podium of the Jefferson Capital Cup.

We congratulate all the participants!

The next regatta of Melges 20 fleet is planned on November 11-13 2016 in Monaco.

The results of the Jefferson Capital Cup you can see here.
You can see the 3D footage of the race here.