Dynamiq Yachts Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series is coming soon!

The fourth season is about to start! The Winter Series of the Melges 20 class has become quite the tradition, and this season starts on October 7th at one of the most amazing venues: the yacht club of Monaco.

This Series was created as a competition for Russian sailing crews, but now it turned into an event of European scale. This 2016/2017 season is the fourth of the Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series and it has become the main mid-season competition of the year.

Last year, the competition ended on March 20th and we have to admit it had never been that tense before. There were 5 different winners of 5 regattas (Nika from St. Petersburg Yacht Club, PIRogovo from Moscow Yacht club, the host yacht Out of Reach, Russian Anna and Swiss Section 16), and as we know, sometimes even the last race can change up the rankings and determine the winner.

In the 2015/2016 season the overall standings were lead by Russians. Alexander Ezhkov and his crew, Daniil Odintsov and Alexander Ekimov, were leading the fleet from the very beginning and achieved their deserved victory. Russian Bogatyrs (Igor Rytov, Konstantin Besputin and Anton Sergeev) reached second place at the last moment. Nika of Vladimir Prosikhin was placed 3rd.

There are also quite a few outstanding sailing crews, who were in the top 10 yachts on the competition. It includes Valentin Zavadnikov, who is the inspiration behind this whole Winter Series idea. It also includes Dmitriy Samokhin, Maxim Titarenko, Vadim Yahinson, Alexander Mikhaylik and Anatoliy Karachinskiy. Among the top 20 yachts there are two more Russian sailors: Oleg Evdokimenko and Alexandr Novoselov.

It would be a mistake to think that only Russians were in the lead last season in Monaco. Guido Miani and his Out Of Reach were extremely close to the 2nd place. They won one regatta, and in three regattas they were more than confident competitors, but they missed one of the Acts and it cost them possible victory. Manfredi Vianini Tolomei (Maolca) finished 6th in the overall rankings of the Series. Richard Davies’ Section 16, the star and winner of the last two Acts of the season 2015/2016, is places 15th in the overall rankings of the Series.

Almost all participants of the Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series continued their battle during summer: the summer Sailing Series and the World Championship, which was held in Scarlino (Italy) and hosted 56 teams from all over the world. Some teams were lucky; some did not fully achieve their potential. Finally, after summer training and competitions teams are coming back to the famous Cote d'Azur! 20 participating crews are expected from different countries. The winner of third season of Melges 20 Monaco Winter Series and Russian Open Championship, PIRogovo team, will also be there.

Without any doubt, it is going to be an amazing season! The official partner of the Series is Dynamiq Yachts, and the partner of Act 1 is Jefferson Capital.

The overall rankings of Monaco Melges 20 Winter Series 2015/2016 you can see here.

The 2016 Melges 20 World Championship results you can find here.