Interview with Vladimir Prosikhin

Vladimir Prosikhin: “Fleet is quite aggressive now because everyone wants to get the highest results!”

Vladimir Prosikhin’s Nika was the best one among Russian teams on the first day of the World Championship.
He shared his impression with us after the races:

“I enjoy Melges 20 class a lot, the atmosphere and sports yachts. This Class is just becoming popular: the championship which gathered in Europe 60 yachts can be considered as great achievement. In July on the Garda lake there were 50 yachts, in Scarlino 56. Of course not only the quantity of participants matter but also the quality. The fleet is indeed very powerful: leaders from the USA came and the best of the best among European sailors are also here. It’s nice to race with such teams, it’s a challenge and serious trial of our strength. Besides, Tuscany is always a celebration!

I could say that today was a gift: I was expecting a weak wind, but it was not, and there were many waves. It’s quite hard to manage the boat in such conditions, besides the distances were quite long which is also hard. When one race lasts one hour in the end, you are tired and lose concentration. Even physically, it is hard because big waves with weak wind make you work hard on the boat.

Fleet is quite aggressive now because everyone wants to get the highest results. Today I was bumped into, but luckily it was just an extremely loud collision and actual destruction was not that big. But it is quite normal for that kind of competition, aggressive starts and turns, everyone wants to win.

During todays races we made couple of mistakes. Of course there are some things to fix and to work out. I think that my crew, Davide Bortoletto and Enrico Fonda, are skilled and prepared for the World championship. This is the second regatta when we race together; first time was on the Garda lake, and our results are quite stable. Although I do not speak Italian well, I practice a lot… Today most of the time we spoke Italian, but later switched to English. We were not patient enough to continue, when you need to say or do something quick English is more efficient and understandable.

Fleet in Scarlino is quite impressive, but I have experience in racing with so many people. There were 92 boats in the World Championship in SB 20 class, but they were divided by 2 fleets. I would say that 56 boats is the limit for racing in one fleet. A good start is extremely important in such conditions. If you are lagging behind for couple of meters on the start you done… We had a lack of some 28 meters in the third race, and it is a lot. The starting line is short and all the boat give the ‘wind shadow’ with which you have to fight for a long time and it is hard. So I think the fact that we finished 14th is quite an achievement!