J70 in Porto Cervo: a no-go for seven yachts

The J70 World Championship started in Italian Porto Cervo today, and there has been a scandal already: seven yachts were caught on doing "tricks" with keel and speed, and disqualified from the competition. Overall there have been more than 170 participants involved from 24 countries.

As everybody knows, J70 Class is a one-design class, with very strict rules about yachts modifications. In the past several years, the J70 becomes more and more popular all around the world. That also would imply more people would like to test the limits of permitted modifications.

Something similar happened in 2016 in San Francisco, but this time the class administration handled the heating pretty rough. Seven boats, five from Italy, one British and one Russian, were disqualified from the J70 World Championship. During the day five out of seven teams applied for redress, but the request from all five was denied.

More information you can find here.

Photo: Studio Taccola

J70 in Porto Cervo: a no-go for seven yachts