Kuznetsov stays on top of the 2017 Melges 32 Worlds

The 2017 Melges 32 Boero World Championship hosted by Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario came to life today, adding three more fierce races to the scoreboard under slightly breezy conditions.

Standing firm at the top once again is Russia's Pavel Kuznetsov at the helm of Tavatuy (Evgeny Neugodnikov, tactician). His big risks, apparent aggressiveness and very few tactical mistakes paid off big as he further extended his lead by a couple of points.

Just behind are some of his biggest adversaries, including Edoardo Lupi and Massimo Pessina (Lorenzo Bressani, tactician) sailing Torpyone. Their 6-2-1 daily score is a vast improvement over yesterday's 7-8, moving them up to second place.

Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio's G-Spot (Branko Brcin, tactician) experienced a mediocre day on the race course. In particular, a scoring setback in Race Four dropped them into the third.

In contrast, Race Four was a banner heat for Melges 32 Class stalwart Edoardo Pavesio's Fra Martina (Manuel Weiller Vidal, tactician) as he earned a valuable bullet, enabling him to remain in fourth.

Matteo Balestrero proved that patience and small steps can mean big movement. Thanks to a subtle 3-9-3 scoreline, he and his Giogi team have now emerged into the top five.

Notable kudos go out to Vincenzo Onorato's Mascalzone Latino (Cameron Appleton, tactician) for a nice, well-deserved win in Race Three.

The Corinthian division standings remain very close with little change from Day One. The all Italian teams of Martin Reintjes' Caipirinha (Enrico Fonda, tactician) and Francesco Graziani's Vitamina (Andrea Fornaro, tactician) are still first and second respectively.

Tomorrow will mark the third day of competition and for some, it will be the last opportunity to 'move up' as with the completion of Race Six, each team will discard their worst performance.

The first warning on Friday will be 13.00 (GMT+2).

Results are available here.

Kuznetsov stays on top of the 2017 Melges 32 Worlds