Marina Semenova will hold a guest lecture on Nikon Day in St. Petersburg

Nikon Day will be organized this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia, to give a chance to professional photographers to share their experience, test new camera Nikon D850 and new lenses NIKKOR, get to know each other and learn something new. The guests will enjoy master classes, interesting shooting areas, and even free cleaning of Nikon cameras ;)

Our amazing photographer, Marina Semenova, will be taking part in it as Nikon ambassador. She will share her experience in sailing photography (by the way there are very few of those here, in St Petersburg), tell a story how she found her dream job and maybe even reveals couple of her secrets in catching great shots!

Do not miss out if you are in Russia at that time! Saturday, October 28th, Marina’s lecture starts at 12.00 (Moscow time)!

Location: Obvodnyi canal embankment 60, creative space Tkachi. Register for free here: