Melges 20 Open Russian Championship: Day 2

The winner of the day: PIRogovo!

The reiteration of last years 'Champion' race can happen in 2016!

The top 3 at the end of the second day of the Melges20 Open Russian Championship are:

- First place is taken by American Liam Kilroy’s WildMan, although their results today were not stable;
- Yuriy Morozov’s Russotrans comes in second, but their finishes were a bit worse than on the first day;
- Alexandr Ezhkov’s PIRogovo is 3rd, who won the second day on the competition and advanced from the 8th place to 3rd.

What we did not expect is that Igor Rytov’s Russian Bogatyrs fell down in the final rankings of the day. Their results were 15th, 5th and 8th, and now the team moved to 7th place.

At the start of the final day of the Open Russian Championship WildMan has 16 points, Russotrans 23 and PIRogovo 25.

Only Kilroy junior could secure a big gap for the Wildman. Others – including Dario Levi, Alessandro Rombelli, John Kilroy, Igor Rytov, Krzysztof Krempec – have a minimal gap between their results and are tightly packed in the rankings.

Melges 20 Open Russian Championship: Day 2

Today’s results – 1st, 3rd and 4th place – are not surprising for PIRogovo. This team of one of the Moscow yacht clubs is one of the leaders of the Russian fleet. They won the Winter Series 2015/2016, showed themselves in a good way in the Summer Sailing Series, so after the not-so impressive start in the Open Russian Championship we could expect some surprises from them.

“Why were the results of these two days so different?” Daniil Odintsov (PIRogovo) questions himself, “It was really hard for us to compete on Friday: our crew is very light and on there were choppy waves on the track. For this kind of waves it’s really important to have a sufficient weight to break through it. In the end we were just losing speed. Of course, we made tactical and technical mistakes, but the main factor still was the lack of speed. In general PIRogovo races the best when the wind is weak, as we are 30 kilos below recommended weight for Melges 20… However, Saturday everything changed: there was so much less wind and there were lower waves – and we felt more comfortable. Today’s victory… We did not have the best possible start, but then found a line where we could keep clear from the fleet and go in the right direction. We implemented our ideas and did not make serious mistakes.”

Melges 20 Open Russian Championship: Day 2

“It’s really interesting that the fight for the win continues till the very end of the regatta,” Danill continues,  “Every yachtsman wants to win with a large margin over the other teams, proceed to relax, and in the last day of competition finish with the smile on his face. However. on the Open Russian Championship all teams are extremely strong and very competitive and no one will give others the opportunity to win with a large margin. Although, everything can be decided on the last day, and even in the last race of the competition. Last year Russotrans, Russian Bogatyrs and PIRogovo finished the last race with a difference of 1 point, and it happened again here. It’s interesting for everyone, we are all fond of competing.”

As for the leader of Russian fleet in Scarlino, Russotrans, the second day was not so good. Egor Larionov shared with us in a previous interview that the team feels more confident in the strong wind after their USA experience.

“We are training, making progress, looking for better solutions and settings, getting new experiences,” says Yuriy Morozov, “We are making progress. There were also 3 contenders for the 1st place at the Russian Open Championship last year, and everything was decided in the last race of the competition. This ‘champion’ race could happen again this year.

Does that mean that there will be a life-and-death fight?

“All the teams of Russian fleet in Melges 20 are friends in real life,” Morozov smiles, “We separate the races and competition on the water and a life on the shore. You can never mix it!”

There are 2 races planned on Sunday, the last day of the Open Russian Championship 2016.