Melges 20 Open Russian Championship: Day 3

There were 2 races held on the last day of the competition, and, in a very fierce battle, Alexandr Ezhkov’s PIRogovo team won both of them. It was a hard battle for them, but they are now well prepared for the World Championship, which starts next week.

American team WildMan of Liam Kilroy is equally prepared. This team has been the leader of every race and in the end they had the best score of the whole regatta. What else can a sailor dream of?

One of the strongest Italian teams also showed a very good performance: STIG of Alessandro Rombelli. They placed 4th two days in row, and as a result got 3rd place. They overtook Yuriy Morozov’s Russotrans. It was an excellent move on the last day of the regatta!

Despite his unfortunate day, (he placed 23rd and 13th) Morozov reached his main goal and stayed on the 2nd place among Russian teams.

Igor Rytov’s Russian Bogatyrs climbed up on the Russian podium as well. They won the last ‘champion’ race on last year’s Open Russian Championship of strong teams. However, this year they were only able to show their usual high level on the first day of the competition. Rytov and his team were falling lower and lower in the final rankings, and at the end of the Open Russian Championship, they were placed 9th. The following teams are also in the lead: Dario Levi’s Fremito D’Arja, Manfredi Vianini Tolomei’s Maolca, John Kilroy’s Samba Pa Ti and Rodney Jones’s Caffe Americano.

Even though Russian Bogatyrs are placed 9th in the total ranking, they still have bronze medal among Russian teams, so we hope it will make the bitter pill a bit more sweet.

Melges 20 Open Russian Championship: Day 3

We talked with the winners of the Open Russian Championship and they shared some of their thoughts with us:

“It was an awesome competition and I really enjoyed it,” says Liam Kilroy, “I would like to thank my father’s team Samba Pa Ti; they helped with our training so much. We worked very hard for this competition and we are happy with the results. Now, before the World Championship starts I feel so much more confident. I hope we will get the same results as this time. You probably are wondering if dad and I compete with each other. Of course not! We help each other and have so-called friendly competition. We work a lot so each of our teams will get better; if one of us wins, we congratulate each other. We do not rival against each other, I remember when my dad won once we were celebrating together and I think he was glad. In times like this we love each other and there is no place for the hate of contenders.”

“I obviously train a lot,” Liam continues, “But I also go to school, do other kinds of sports like basketball – I play in my school team. I do love sailing and it takes a lot of my time but I do not avoid other hobbies. Obviously, it’s a bit difficult sometimes because in sailing, like any other sport, you need to train all the time in order to achieve something, but I’m not obsessed with only training now.”

“My impression of the regatta is amazing,” Alexandr Ezhkov (PIRogovo) says, “The weather was perfect, sun, sea, wind, cool people all around – overall positive feelings. We started of not so glorious, even though being placed 13th among such strong teams is quite impressive. Some things we did wrong, made some mistakes, but we discussed it later and worked it out. I think that on the last day when we won twice, we just got lucky. As I already said, all teams are extremely strong and everybody wanted to win.”

“What are our expectations about the next week World Championship,” Alexandr questions himself, “Monday is for sure our day off! We will start training on Tuesday. Though we mostly want to enjoy the upcoming competition, and I think we will do exactly that. It is so interesting to compete with strong sailors! The results do matter of course, but for me it’s not that significant.”

The practice before World Championship is over now; we are awaiting the main regatta of the season. All teams, no matter winner or loser of the Open Russian Championship, are prepared to compete even harder. It is going to be interesting, especially when 30 teams will be added to the competition!