Melges 20 Open Russian Championship has started

The competition is promising to be interesting!

One of the largest international competitions in the Melges 20 class, Open Russian Championship, will be held between August 19th and August 21st 2016 in Scarlino (Italy).

For now we already have received applications from 31 teams from all around the world: Italy, Great Britain, Monaco, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, the USA, South Africa, Japan and even Australia. On top of that, the Russian fleet is not counted in that number.

European regattas in the Melges20 class, generally attract many Russian teams. Since the Russians started participating in competitions of this class 3 years ago, their influence has been growing exponentially.

In the Open Russian Championship 2015 only 10 Russian teams participated in the competition. This year 15 Russian teams are participating, and two more boats, Sinergy of Valentin Zavadnikov and Path of Anatoly Karachinskiy, Russian by nationality, but performing under flag of Monaco. The whole fleet more than doubled in the past years.

This excellent trend can be explained by the fact that after the Open Russian Championship there will be a large gathering of the whole the Melges20 class. In Scarlino (Tuscany), one of the most beautiful places in Italy, the World Championship will be held later in August 2016. It’s only logical that those who want to shine in their glory in World Championship want to practice before on the track.

So who will be participating?

Extremely famous American Samba Pa Ti of John Kilroy doesn’t even need any introduction, and neither does the WildMan of Liam Kilroy. Team Fremito D’Arja of Dario Levi were last years’ leaders, but in the last day of the competition they lost their podium spot. Lastly, Stig of Alessandro Rombelli won 2 out of 4 regattas in European Summer Series. We could keep on naming many teams, but let it suffice to say the competition is filled with big names and raw talent.


© Barracuda Communication/Marina Semenova

However, it would be a mistake to think that the Open Russian Championship is just practice before the big game. At least half of the teams are aiming for the win in this one, and among them are not only boats listed above.

The winner of the Russian Open 2015, Igor Rytov (Russian Bogatyrs), is determined to defend his trophy. The runners up Yuriy Morozov (Russotrans) and Alexandr Ezhkov (Pirogovo Sailing) will try to improve their positions from last year. Additionally, ‘Kotyara’ of Oleg Evdokimenko, ‘Synergy’ of Valentin Zavadnikov (who was the founder of class Melges 20 for Russians), ‘Nika’ of Vladimir Prosikhin and a whole lot more are also participating for the win.

We should note that there are 5 out of the top 10 world’s best teams participating in the Open Russian Championship 2016. The regatta itself is also included in the world ranking, so the rivalry will also be for the ranking points for the teams and not only for trophies of the championship itself.

It’s going to be a spectacular competition and we will be watching closely!


© Barracuda Communication/Marina Semenova

The program of Melges20 Open Russian Championship*
August 18th 

Registration and technical validation
August 19th
10.00 – Skippers briefing
13.30 – Start of the first regatta
August 20th
Regattas all day
August 21st
Regattas and Award ceremony

* 8 races are scheduled in this regatta, maximum 3 races per day. After 6th race the team with the worst result will no longer be in the competition