Melges 32 World League: two days in, Sunday will be the Fun Day!

The opening day of the Melges 32 World League Porto Venere was blessed with perfect sailing weather, which allowed three races to be held. They were respectively won by Edoardo Pavesio’s Fra Martina, Andrea Lacorte’s Vitamina Amerikana and Matteo Balestrero’s Giogi. After the first day’s three races the leader of the fleet is Matteo Balestrero’s Giogi.

The Corinthian leader so far is Kilian Holzapfel with his Homanit Junior and behind him are Martin Reintjes’ Caipirinha and Francesco Graziani’s Vitamina.

Russian Tavatuy of Pavel Kuznetsov is placed 10th at the end of the opening day of the competition.

After an exciting first day of the 2017 Melges 32 World League, the second day was disappointing due to a complete absence of wind and therefore races. We hope that Sunday the weather will improve and the judges will be able to start all planned races before 14:30, as no warning signal can be displayed after that time.

We are no wizards and cannot command the weather. However, being an official media partner of the Melges 32 World League, Barracuda Communication is able to provide any event with amazing photos and other media coverage. If there is no wind and no races there surely are many sights to capture on the shore!

Good night, and let’s hope for better weather tomorrow!