Melges World League: The Ultimate One-Design Competition

An unprecedented, one-of-a-kind Melges worldwide racing format set to feature the Melges 20 and Melges 32!

Melges Performance Sailboats introduced the Melges World League (MWL), a racing platform that will unite multiple Class circuits for the 2017 season. Designed to increase rivalry and enhance the overall racing experience, the League will include the Melges 20 and Melges 32 spanning the North American, European and Asian regions.

Fundamentally, the MWL will connect these Melges Classes internationally into one, all-encompassing, professionally managed major league, organized and ran by Melges.

The Melges World League is the ultimate one-design competition, uniting Melges owners across the globe. The streamlined Melges 20 and Melges 32 championship system is a season-long series with global regattas hosted at the world's most desirable venues featuring sailing's best owner/drivers and corinthian sailors, providing yet another layer of world-class, exciting competition.

Melges owners will engage in a competitive, unforgettable racing experience against sailors all over the world:

- Three World League Divisions: North America, Europe and Asia,

- Over 140 Teams Competing, 500 sailors and 20 nations

- Battle for Division Supremacy,

- One Overall Melges World League Champion.

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Melges World League: The Ultimate One-Design Competition