Pirogovo is in the lead in Zadar!

Absolute perfect conditions prevailed for the start giving way to three races, resulting in a very exciting, top-three podium finish.

It was an impressive day for event leader Alexander Ezhkov's Pirogovo. After three races in an ideal 12-13 knots of breeze out of the Northwest, he, along with tactician Daniil Odintsov and crew Alexander Ekimov submitted a 1-2-1 scorecard to now lead the event by seven points.

Krzysztof Krempec's Mag Tiny from Poland is the only other boat besides Ezhkov that managed a single-digit day bringing him to finish up in second overall, fifteen points ahead of Vladimir Prosikhin's Nika in third.

Alexander Novoselov's Victor, with two of Italy's most well-known 49er sailors - Stefano Cherin and Andrea Tesei, won the second race of the day to conquer fourth overall, tied in points with South Africa's Tina Plattner and Tony Norris on TNT in fifth.

Russian colors fly high above the Corinthian standings also with 2017 Scarlino Champion Marina Kaverzina on Marussia in the lead. Wilma Homann's Fantastichina sits second, followed by Japan's Koji Matsumoto aboard Tempus in third.

The excitement resumes in Zadar at 13.00 with three more races scheduled.

Results are available here.

Pirogovo is in the lead in Zadar!