To name your team 'Russian Bogatyrs,' you need to be extremely self confident, perhaps even a bit arrogant. Howerver, it's absolutely justified if the perfomance of the team and their results in competitions are as high as for this team. In the case with helmman Igor Rytov and clew Konstantin Besputin and Anton Sergeev it's like this - their ambitions are achieved with their results in competitions. This team is very well organized and cohesive, which is quite noticable, both in regattas and in life.PRESENTING TEAMS – RUSSIAN BOGATYRSRytov, Besputin and Sergeev placed second in Melges20 Winter Series in Monaco and sixth (first among Russian teams) in the Summer Sailing Series.

With achievements like this, team Russian Bogatyrs is one of the main contenders for the prizes of Melges20 Open Russian Championship-2016. Why only prizes and not the victory you ask? Because even though this team won and had a lot of top places in Acts of the regattas, they never placed 1st in any of the Series of Melges20. Every time they came up short.However, there is a rather a big chance that in August, at Melges20 Open Russian Championship in Scarlino they will have their breakthrough. We will be watching them quite closely!

Jefferson Capital Monaco Winter Series 2015-2016.
Act 1 – 3 (19)
Act 2 – 6 (19)
Act 3 – 5 (20)
Act 4 – 3 (24)
Act 5 – 2 (25)
Overall standings: 2 (40)

Sailing Series Melges 20.
Act 1 – 8 (40)
Act 2 – 7 (33)
Act 3 – 21 (35)
Act 4 – 7 (50)
Overall standings: 6 (63)