Presenting Teams: Path

Path is the name of the boat of Anatoly Karachinskiy, and it completely correlates with his philosophy.

“At first I thought that on every race you need to fight for the 1st place, to win and to prove something to someone,"  says Anatoly Karachinskiy "However, that mindset went away quickly, and now I don’t really care about scores. Well, I do care during race itself and maybe 20 minutes after that while waiting for the results. However for me sailing is not about winning, it is something special. It is life in such comfortable surroundings, where your dreams come true and you meet amazing people”.


This relaxed attitude towards sailing allows Karachinskiy to achieve a lot in it. He participates in a whole lot more regattas than Melges 20, including very serious ocean races.

There are two people in his crew: Alexey Krylov and Maxim Logutenko. By the way, the history of this tandem Karachinskiy-Krylov is quite unique: they have been sailing together for 11 years!

In the Melges 20 Winter Series in Monaco 2015-2016 Path came 10th (they didn’t participate in one of the Acts) and in the Summer Sailing Series they placed 24th.

We are expecting to see so much from this team on Open Russian Championship!

Jefferson Capital Monaco Winter Series 2015-2016.1
Act 1 – 12 (19)
Act 2 – 12 (19)
Act 4 – 19 (24)
Act 5 – 11 (25)
Overall standings: 10 (40)

Sailing Series Melges 20.
Act 1 - 36 (40)
Act 2 - 19 (33)
Act 3 – 31 (35)
Act 4 – 32 (50)
Overall standings: 24 (63)