Presenting teams: Russotrans

RUSSOTRANS is the fusion of the experience and youth. That is, naturally, in sailing.

Although skipper Yuriy Morozov started sailing only 3 years ago, his crew - Maxim Kuzmin and Egor Larionov – have been sailing almost all their lives. Moreover, the team works together quite well: winning prizes and top places in different regattas.

Yuriy Morozov has started his career in sailing in the Melges20 class. Before that, he was fond of wakesurfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, and generally loved the wind.

Overall, RUSSOTRANS have achieved a 28th place in this seasons’ winter and summer series in Monaco and Europe. However, we shouldn’t determine the power of this team according to those results, because they participated in only one regatta in the winter series and only in 2 regattas in the summer series.


Instead of participating in the European regattas, RUSSOTRANS decided to go across the Atlantics, all the way to the USA, to meet the extremely strong overseas fleet of Melges20.

We will soon find out how fruitful this experiment has been in the upcoming Melges20 Open Russian Championship.

Jefferson Capital Monaco Winter Series 2015-2016.
Act 2 – 10 (19)
Overall standings: 28 (40)

Sailing Series Melges 20.
Act 3 – 19 (35)
Act 4 – 10 (50)
Overall standings: 28 (63)