Presenting teams: Section 16

Team Section 16 consists of Richard Davies, Manuel Modena and Chris Rast. They joined the competition in the fourth Act (Primo Cup) of the Winter Series in Monaco during spring 2016. Because of the calm wind, the final results were based on only 1 race. Back then, the Swiss team could not show what they are capable of and finished 13th. Later on, they raced with their full power and won Act 5 convincingly.

In the Summer Sailing Series their results are also impressive: they won the first and third Acts and placed 3rd in Act 2. Unfortunately, something went wrong during last race which took place on the Garda Lake. They came 13th which put them in 3rd position in the final ranking of the season.

It is worth mentioning that this team participates not only in Melges 20 competitions. They are competing quite successfully in the M32 Mediterranean series.


In the Melges 20 World ranking, Section 16 is placed 10th but these numbers do not tell the whole story about the capabilities of this team. We can reliably claim that they will be one of the main contenders for the 1st place in the upcoming World Championship.
We wish all other teams luck in competing against such a strong and skilled team.

Jefferson Capital Monaco Winter Series 2015-2016.
Act 4 – 13 (24)
Act 5 – 1 (25)
Overall ranking: 15 (40)

Sailing Series Melges 20.
Act 1 – 1 (40)
Act 2 - 3 (33)
Act 3 – 1 (35)
Act 4 – 13 (50)
Overall ranking: 3 (63)