Quantum Ladoga Cup in Karelia, Russia

Quantum Ladoga Cup is a traditional summer regatta on Ladoga Lake in Russia and in summer 2017 it is being held from 22 to 29 of July.

There are Open 800 class yachts from all around Russia, from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, and even from Belorussia!

The organizing committee chose the time wisely: perfect end of July with lots of sun, warmth and Karelian hospitality.

As for this moment, there have been eight races, two were off shore and six short distance races. The current leader is Dmitriy Zhaivoronok’s Omega, Andrey Nikandrov’s Globus is just three points behind, and the last runner up is Vostok of Taras Obruch.

The winds are changing from completely calm to 15 meters per second. The skerries and islands of Ladoga Lake have extremely beautiful nature. But that’s not all: various kinds of routes can be planned in those waters, so all teams can show how they master all sets of sails.

The organizer of the regatta is Open 800 Class Association.

The main partner of the regatta is Quantum Sails Russia.