Solar Boat World Championship: Dynamiq Team joins the competition!

July 14th until July 16th 2016 the biggest competition of yachts that use only solar energy will be held third time in Monaco.

16 boats of innovational design from The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, USA, Germany, Hungary and Monaco will be participating in this competition.

Team Dynamiq (Monaco) will also be participating in this ‘sunny’ regatta. It is not a surprise at all that this brand shows so much interest in the development of new solar yachts. In the very core of Dynamiq’s boats, there is an idea of superyachts of a new generation for the modern world: effective and eco-friendly.


© Barracuda Communication/Marina Semenova

Not so long ago, the idea of a yacht that is powered by solar energy seemed utopian. However, already today those boats can go with a speed of 30 knots and faster. Last year during the international YCM Speed Record competition in Monaco, the powerful prototype which is powered with solar batteries, and operated Clafis Private Energy Solar Team achieved its record-breaking speed of 44,4 km/h on the distance of 1/8 sea mile (231,5 m).

The concept of gathering people, who are interested in solar energy on Cote d’Azur and organizing races of solar energy yachts there, is an idea of the director of Nakhimov Company, Sergey Dobroserdov. He is also the general director of Dynamiq, and founder of Solar1.

In the first trial regatta of 2014, 24 teams from all around the world participated and it was a huge success. Futuristic yachts were engineered and built by young engineers from different universities and colleges. In 2015, those eco-friendly boats met again on the territory of French Riviera. This third regatta in 2016 has already become tradition of Cote d’Azur!

“The main goal of this regatta of yachts that work on solar batteries is to change opinions and influence peoples minds now and in the future” – thinks Sergey Dobroserdov.

“We care a lot about saving the environment – says general secretary of yacht club of Monaco, Bernard d’Alessandri. – There are many technologies that do not harm the nature now, and we think it is important to encourage initiatives, which stimulate the further development of such technologies and their applications in shipbuilding. 

During the Solar Boat World Championship 2016 in Monaco, there will be different formats of races: fleet racing, slalom, one-on-one sprints and the International YCM Speed Record race. This will help to determine the boats that maneuver the best, as well as the fastest ones.

The competition will be held in two classes of yachts with different characteristics. Open Class gives maximum freedom to constructors. A-Class is more powerful and the so-called Formula 1 of its type. It is a 6-meter boat for 1- person and a standard set of solar panels. Team Dynamiq is going to race in the Open Class. 

We would like to bring your attention to the fact that the patron of the Solar Boat World Championship is Prince of Monaco Albert II. More than a hundred years ago, the races of motor boats started under the patronage of Prince of Monaco Albert I. It aimed to show the achievements of engineers and constructors in shipbuilding. Even though the times had changed, the desire of members of the royal family to support the most progressive technologies remains.

The program of the regatta:
14th of July
Registration, briefing for drivers
15th of July
8.00 – Opening of the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge Village
9.00 - 11.00 – Endurance fleet race
15.00 – 17.00 – Slalom Race
16th of July
9.00 – Opening of Monaco Solar Boat Challenge Village
11.00 – 12.00 – One-on-one duels
14.00 – 16.30 – Final of One-on-one duels
17.00 – 18.00 –International YCM Speed Record.

Additional information about Dynamiq
The company was found in 2011 by experienced yacht broker Sergey Dobroserdov. He successfully gathered a dream team of the best strategists, designers and yacht architects and brought the concept GTT (Gran Turismo Transatlantic) to life in Dynamiq. The first yacht of Dynamiq, D4, is currently being built in the NCA shipyard in Carrara (Italy) and will be floated out in summer 2016. GTT of Dynamiq is one of the highest technologies in Europe.
The heart of Dynamiq company is the idea of yachts of new generation for modern world: efficient, eco-friendly, customized and with a very clear scheme of a purchase.


© Barracuda Communication/Marina Semenova