Stormy weekend in Sotogrande

Update from Sotogrande (Spain), where from 27th until 30th April the RC44 Championship Tour will be held.

The storm, that raged around the coastal line of Sotogrande, has calmed down. Because of such bad weather, several yachts were damaged. The situation got more complicated because yachts were moved from their parking lot on the pier of Sotogrande yacht-club with gigantic waves. One RC44 boat weights 3 500 kilos and they couldn’t be reached by a crane to move them to the safe spot.

From a reliable source, we got the information that one of the Russian teams probably could miss this regatta. The damage of their yachts hull is too severe. Now the crew is trying to find another yacht as soon as possible and participate in the regatta.

For now, there are no changes made in the schedule of the regatta, the event is being held accordingly to its original plan, starting with registration and training races on April 26.

Full schedule of the event you can see here.