Team Mascalzone Latino

"The story of ML is the result of a passion I have been having since I was a child and I was doing my first tacks in the Gulf of Naples. At that time I didn’t think that I would share the dream of sailing on all the seas of the world with so many fans. Maybe, more than the obtained successes, it is the heart, which all the men and women of ML and I have disclosed in these years for sailing, that makes us popular and provokes a lot of affection and liking in all around the world". Vincenzo Onorato

Mascalzone Latino is one of the oldest sailing teams from Italy. They have been participating a lot of different international regattas, among which is 34th America's Cup and quite a number of European Championships.

Our team of the Barracuda Communication was happy to work with Mascalzone Latino during all season of the Sailing Series 2016.