The results of the Solar Boat World Championship 2016


July 14th until July 16th, 2016 the largest competition of unique solar-powered yachts, was held in Monaco for the third time.

Sixteen boats with a revolutionary design from the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, the USA, Germany, Hungary, and Monaco participated in this 80-kilometer fleet race. These teams also competed in the International YCM Speed Record race, as well as the slalom and the one-on-one duels. After all races, it could be determined which boat maneuver the best, as well as which ones are the fastest.

During this sunny regatta, there was a competition held in two classes of yachts: the Open Class, which allows maximum freedom to constructors, and the A-Class, which holds the most powerful boats.

Team Dynamiq (Monaco) was participating in Open Class competition. The yacht of this team, which belongs to the V20 class, was awarded the Sunny America’s Cup during the competition in Monaco in 2014. In 2016, a separate ranking for the V20 class did not exist and boats with monotype hydrofoil, developed by Vripack, competed in the Open class because of its technical characteristics. Team Dynamiq’s V20 was originally losing to the other yachts of the Open class. However, despite his handicap, pilot Filippo Ardito showed excellent results: 6th place in the 80-kilometer race fleet, 5th place (21.17 km/h) in the International YCM Speed Record race, 5th place in slalom and 2nd in one-on-one duels.


“The yachts that participate in Solar Boat World Championship have an electric motor. The motor is powered by a battery, which in turn is charged by solar panels mounted on the sides of the boat itself," Alexandr Kochetkov, the technical specialist of Team Dynamiq, explained us, “The battery size can vary depending on which class the boat is participating. The power of the boat and the speed that it can develop depends on the solar panels. In the 80-kilometer fleet race, the standard V20 boat of Dynamiq Team had a handicap compared to other boats: because of its characteristics, it was unable to show its maximum speed due to its solar panels being unable to charge quickly enough. Besides that, during this fleet race, Team Dynamiq had to leave the race because of technical difficulties. They spent some time in the service boxes and returned to the race. In the meantime, the competitors had made three rounds. In the end, Dynamiq Team finished 6th, but if it had not been for the technical difficulties, they could have been in the top 3.

The most modern and advanced solar panels were installed on a Dutch Clafis Victron Energy Solar Boat Team, which also competed in the Open class. Last year in Monaco, this yacht set the International YCM Speed Record – it created a speed of 44.4 km/h. It did not come as a surprise that during the same competition in 2016 this number was improved, and currently, the speed record is sitting at 49.1 km/h.

It was difficult to take a high place in the slalom race for Dynamiq Team because the V20 yacht is, in fact, a hydrofoil catamaran. For smooth movement of this boat, it should always be on the foyle. This is challenging on the winding slalom track, and it inevitably causes loss of speed. As a result, the V20’s were lagging behind the single-hull yachts Open class. During this competition, the element of luck was of crucial importance: the track was set up at the entrance to the marina, and other boats created waves which severely hindered the solar boats.

Team Dynamiq achieved its biggest success on the regatta in the one-on-one tournament. This competition was a duel: on one track, two boats were launched simultaneously. In his very first duel Filippo Ardito showed high potential: one of the fastest yachts of the regatta, the Dutch TU Delft Solar Team, won against Dynamiq Team with a mere 20 meters, and it was a tough battle.

As a result, Dynamiq Team raced in the Grand Duel Finale against Clafis Victron Energy Solar Team. Indeed, beating the record holder from the Netherlands on the Solar Boat World Championship - 2016 was practically impossible because Dutch boat is just too technically

advanced, but participating in the finals shows both the reliability of the V20 of Team Dynamiq and the skills of the pilot.

Solar Boat World Championship-2016 has provided its winners. However, at this regatta in Monaco, there are no losers, as its main objective and mission are to show the world how much progress can be achieved by using the most environmentally friendly energy source - the sun.

It is the way that Team Dynamiq sees its participation in the Solar Boat World Championship. "This regatta, organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco, encourages imagination of a new generation of engineers and yacht designers in the field of environmental protection,” - says Valentin Zavadnikov (Dynamiq Yachts) – “It is really close to the philosophy of Dynamiq, which is looking for innovative solutions in pollution control and recycling of waste.” Dynamiq designs and builds its yachts according to strict environmental standards and uses the most modern technologies.

The date has already been set for next year’s Monaco Solar Boat Challenge: 13th – 15th July 2017.