The start sign of the Melges 20 World League European Division has been given!

Act 1 of the Melges 20 World League European Division ended yesterday, April 9th, in Italian Porto Venere!

There were 32 teams participating from Italy, Russia, Australia, Monaco, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Germany and South Africa. During the three days of the regatta, the judges were able to commence 7 races. The three prize-winners of Act 1 are Vladimir Prosikhin's Nika, Cars 167 of Rodney Jones and Alexander Novoselov's Victor.

Nika's leadership was unquestionable: Vladimir Prosikhin and his team, Michele Ivaldi and Giorgio Tortarolo finished first in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th races, and came sixth in 1st and 4th race. Thanks to the discarding of the worst result (26th position in the Race 7), with an overall accumulation of 16 points, team Nika was declared the winner of the Act 1 of the Melges 20 World League European Division.

Another Russian team on the podium is Victor. Alexander Novoselov, Stefano Cherin and Egor Larionov had their most productive day on the second day of the regatta. They finished within the top-5 in two races that day.

Australian team Cars 167 of Rodney Jones were ahead of Victor by only 7 points and therefore placed second in the overall rankings. In Race 7 (the last race) Cars 167 came first, in Race 2 and Race 5 they were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Among Corinthian teams, the winner is Italian Evinrude of Emanuele Savoini, with an overall sum of 119 points. Russian Marussia of Marina Kaverzina was confidently in the lead for the first two days but was placed second among Corinthian teams with the total sum of 129 points.

The first stage is over now! We cannot wait for Act 2 in Scarlino from May 12th to May 14th!

All results you can see here.