Torpyone is crowned the king of Riva Del Garda!

The final scheduled day of racing in Riva Del Garda ended with no further competition leaving Edoardo Lupi and Massimo Pessina’s Torpyone atop the podium for the third event of the 2017 Melges 32 World League, European Division. Congratulations to all the crew members of the 2017 Riva Del Garda Melges 32 Championship team including tactician Lorenzo Bressani, Alberto Bolzan, Carlo Zermini, Javier De La Plaza, Jas Farneti and Alessio Spadoni.

Second overall goes to Fritz Homann from Germany, helming Wilma with Nico Celon as tactician, and Russia’s Pavel Kuznetsov on Tavatuy with Evgeny Neugodnikov as tactician finishes the event in third.

In the Corinthian division, another new event winner — Francesco Graziani at the helm of Vitamina takes home the Riva Del Garda trophy. Scarlino Champ Martin Reintjes’ Caipirinha settles for second and Kilian Holzapfel on Homanit Junior grabs third.

Two HUGE events remain for the Melges 32 in 2017 — the European Championship takes place in Sibenik, Croatia on July 20-22, and the World Championship happens approximately one month later in Cala Galera, Italy. Both events are guaranteed to be action packed and stacked with the very best sailors, aboard the awesome Melges 32!

Results of the Act 3 of the Melges 32 World League European Division you can see here.

Torpyone is crowned the king of Riva Del Garda!