Weekly Sailing Digest

Rolex TP52 World Championship

Harm Müller-Spreer’s Platoon team won the Rolex TP52 World Championship in Scarlino with the result of 22 points. It was a tough fight, but Platoon not only overcame Quantum Racing, five-time winner of this competition but other 8 teams as well. And they did it without actually having the first place in any of the races. We can say that the stability in the performance won. When Platoon had a steady second position in almost all races, their rivals were shifting from 1st to 10th and back. Quantum Racing won 3 races out of 8 possible, and Terry Hutchinson shared his thoughts: “The week is measured on today, so our week wasn’t very good. You put in all that effort to get to the opportunity that we had and then you have the start that we did. So as always, we need to be as smart as we are fast. It’s bittersweet because we put in all that effort to get to the opportunity that we had, and then to not capitalise on it, that’ll stay with me for a bit, as it should. Clearly Platoon have found another gear, and so it’s awesome to see that. Harm’s put a lot of hard work into this program, he’s put a lot of sweat equity into it, a lot of resource into it. So if it wasn’t us I’m glad it is him; he deserves the success that he’s had.”

Russian Bronenosec Sailing Team wasn’t ready for the weak and shifty winds, as the result, they are in the 9th position in Scarlino and 6th overall.

Photo from the Championship is available here.

Volvo Ocean Race

After long-lasting debates about what kind of boats should participate in the Volvo Ocean Race the decision was made: monohulls for offshore races and catamarans for inshore. The first boats will be introduced in 2019 and the plan is to use them for at least six years after that.

To win the Volvo Ocean Race in the future sailors will have to have skills for both types of yachts since essentially it will be the same crew. Right now the inshore races can be held only as a tiebreaker for teams with the same amount of points. Of course, the offshore races will still be the biggest part of the competition, but the inshore now will count as well.

You can read more about it here.

Father and son: a journey of a lifetime

Father and son from Italy, Vittorio и Nico Malingri, broke the world record by sailing across the Atlantic ocean on the 20 feet catamaran F20. Their journey began in Dakar in Africa and they reached Guadalupe in 11 days, 1 hour, 9 minutes and 30 second, which is more than 10 hours faster than the previous record. Only equipment they had aboad was 2 satellite phones, 2 GPSs, 2 compasses, 1 waterproof satellite tablet, 3 cameras, 1 sail and hull repairmen kit, solar panels and 2 batteries.

Alex Thomson Racing and his Baltic Tour

Alex Thomson, who finished the Vendée Globe 2017 on the second position, started his Baltic Tour. The Hugo Boss yacht is in London on May 17-24, then Kopangagen (1-7 June), Solot in Poland (14-17 June). June 25-27 the boat will be in Helsinki and right after that will sail t St. Petersburg (1-3 July). After that Alex will head straight to Germany, firstly Kiel (17-20 July) and Sylt next (25-28 July). We cannot wait when Alex will be in St. Petersburg, and we will keep you posted about it!