Weekly Sailing Digest

Weekend of the Melges 32 World League on Lake Garda started

Third Act of the Melges 32 World League European Division started today in Italy. This time it's not only the regatta itself, it's also a preparation for the European Championship in Sibenik, Croatia, on 20-22 of July.

Who is in the lead now? Matteo Balestrero and his Giogi, who won two first regattas in Porto Venere and Scarlino, aim for the win on Garda as well. His closest rival is Vincenzo Onorato's Mascalzone Latino, the current Melges 32 European Champion. Russian Pavel Kuznetsov on Tavatuy showed their power on previous Acts and we can expect a fair fight from him. Stay tuned about the races and results on our website or Facebook page. 

Mirabaud Video Award

Yesterday, June 1st, the Mirabaud Video Award was officially launched! An award for the best sailing picture, Mirabaud Photo Award, exists for already several years, but organizers did not stop on that. With the development of technologies, there are more and more sailing videos. Now not only professional filmmakers can upload a video on the official website of the award, but also yachtsmen themselves if they made an unusual video during races.  The public can vote from September 1st on the website, an award giving ceremony will be held on the Yacht Racing Forum in Aarhus, Danmark on November 27-28. More details you can find here.

Gitana 17

Trimaran Gitana 17 is a 15-tonn 32-meter giant, created for beating the previous record in circumnavigation without any stops. IT is impressive as it is already, but creators did not stop at that: Gitana 17 is supposed to get up on it's foils and fly! Read more about it here

'Man Overboard' will not be lost from now on

With the new OLAS app (Overboard Location Alert System) sailing becomes safer than ever. Every crew member (including animals for example) is given a tag-bracelet, which is connected to a smartphone or tablet onboard. If this link breaks the onboard device starts giving a loud warning signal and shows the coordinates of the tag bracelet, and therefore a man overboard. It also sets a course to the tag. The app is as simple as it can be, just the nessesary buttons and visuals. The price for tags varies from 45 £ (for one) to 171 £ (for 4), you can but it on the official website.